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Radio has been my dream since I was 9 years old. I used to plug my headphones into the microphone jack of my dual cassette stero and record myself talking over my favorite 45 records. I am amazed every day that I actually found a way to get paid to listen to music and tell bad jokes! You can typically find me in the karaoke bar doing an awesome rendition of Journey (or most any other 80’s hair band) clutching a whiskey and ginger ale. I’ll be the one with the loud voice and the even louder hair!

Things you should probably know about me, but may not really want to:

1- I am the ultimate tattooed cat lady.

2- There are probably about 15 inactive online dating profiles out there on the web with my pictures.

3- I LOVE Boston sports, especially the Red Sox and the Patriots! (Don’t bother with deflated ball jokes, I’ve heard ’em all)

4- My hair color constantly changes.

5- If you even remotely appear single, I WILL hit on you.

6- It is my personal mission in life to bring back the words “rad”, “word”, and “gnarley”.

7- I take every opportunity to make a “that’s what she said” joke.

8- I take an unhealthy amount of selfies.

9- I tell really bad jokes…

10- I laugh at my own really bad jokes…. alot!

Catch me weekdays from 10am-3pm!

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